Quote of the Week: Michael Bernard Loggins

michael_smile"Life is grand. Life is handy. Life is real."

Michael Bernard Loggins

San Francisco-based artist and author.

Michael Bernard Loggins

"Life is good, life is groovy, life is wonderful and life is pleasant. Life is unfair at times and life can be worse than butter on rice. Life can be beautiful at times too like when you go to a flower bed and discover when they break out the dirt and smell it. Life at my house when Scott comes over to visit me and hang out for awhile and we watch TV or play record player and sometimes we go to Jack's record cellar to talk to Wade and Roy about different subjects of records. That's life for you. Life at my girlfriend, Hope's house, is a place I like to go to. Ocean Beach is my life thing that I like to go to with Scott. I like to think about Gomboo has deceased and I miss him very much. And life is tough when you miss someone you love.

Michael Bernard Loggins. Time is now 12:45 PM Thursday, July 10th 2008.

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