We love smart brands. And we love having them as media and event sponsors. Moreover, there is a growing symbiotic relationship between content providers and brands with integrity. If we don't feel good about using the products that advertise/sponsor our events, then we've lost credibility with our audience. We need to trust the brands so that we're not selling our users short. Moreover, we have a loyal and smart audience who influence the influencers. That's very rich, in today's niche-driven markets. And our sponsors know this.

It can be as simple as sponsoring Dusty Wright's One-Takes or The Dusty Wright Show. Or co-producing culturally curated salons like we've done with Verizon Wireless, Absolut, Swarovski Crystallized, JBL, Gibson Guitars, Hickey Freeman, Shure, WGA, et al.

Regardless of your needs, we can expand your profile on the web via YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And with our strategic alliances with various branded partners, our clients have access to one of the premier event spaces in New York City. Check out this 90-second video overview:

Please email us to learn more about ad and event opportunities.

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Dusty Wright