Holistic Art - P.C. Turczyn: Gilded Paintings


maelstrom.jpgI came to know the Omega Institute through a show I co-curated with Kathleen Cooley (Fear is a Four Letter Word) at their last Being Fearless conference in New York City. Omega, as you may already know, is an innovative institute with a holistic approach to life and living that is progressive and full. I went up to their main campus in Rhinebeck for Family Week this summer and had a fulfilling and spiritually uplifting stay. While there, I happened by the Ram Dass Library at the center of the campus where the mixed media works of P.C. Turczyn were on display.

As a rule, library shows can be pretty mediocre, even amateurish, so I didn't expect to be impressed -- but I was impressed. Turczyn's work, which is based on basic patterns found in nature, was meticulously crafted and beautifully designed. There was a palpable energy or force in the work that really grabbed my attention.

Turczyn often uses metallic pigments, which in the wrong hands can yield some pretty shaky results. Here, they work exceedingly well, serving the function of making the designs seem otherworldly.

Most of the work here is centrally focused, varying from non-objective to abstract. One obvious reference to a specific object, the cross section of a shell, appears in "Maelstrom" (2007) (above). The expanding, off-center shell design the artist employs spins the composition down, then up, which prompted the artist to modulate the background colors considerably as a counterbalance or response to the design's energy, giving this work a reactive sort of potency.

Referring to Golden Section (A), which portrays multi-spiraling forms in aluminum, copper, gold leaf, pigments, resin, and varnish on wood, the artist states, "Sacred Geometry as expressed in Nature: the sunflower's seeds form a double spiral, usually 34 spirals in one direction and 55 in the other. The numbers 34 and 55 are a segment of the Fibonacci sequence." In her statement and on her web site, the artist also talks about sacred geometry and vibratory codes, meditation, dreams, and synchronicity as the source inspirations for these iconic works. Turczyn's intention to depict universal harmony is very much in tune with the Omega mind set. - D. Dominick Lombardi

P.C. Turczyn: Gilded Paintings - Ram Dass Library at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

dom.jpgMr. Lombardi is an artist with representation in Kasia Kay Art Projects in Chicago, Van Brunt Gallery in Beacon, NY, and ADA gallery in Richmond, VA; a writer with Sculpture, Sculpture Review, DART, and NYARTS; and an independent curator.