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Culture Catch selects Sony HD - HVR Z7U


On April 8th, we had the pleasure of working with Glenn Tibrook of Squeeze at our Music Salon hosted at Bennet Media Studios, our new home in the West Village of New York. After a brief lunch with a group of 20 of our friends, we went down stairs to the "catacombs" where we set up a stage for Glenn to perform. Read more »

Netcast, Internet TV, home theaters

CES just ending, while we didn't attend, there was plenty of net info to get a sense of what's going on. Last year, we spent the day looking at the new Samsung products at Ed Bennet's house. Microsoft was at the two day demo showing off their new products for TV.

I've been saying for a few years that the consumer is ready and demanding that their home theater systems or TVs have access to the Internet. The Apple TV box is the best but not the only add on solution to achieve this capability until now. Read more »

Leopard is here

After a few days of playing around with Leopard, I feel like this is such a great technical achievement... I just had to write about this OS. Forget about all the nut's 'n' bolts of the OS, it's just a incredible leap into the future. Bravo Apple! Bravo. Read more »

I want my iTunes Movies

This Summer involves travel from NYC to the country. Thus, the need to occupy my ADT is quite important. On the train, the laptop works quiet well for my needs. I can edit Culture Catch programs using FCP. This chews up a 2hr train trip in a split second. The Lirr managers are lossing money everyday they don't offer wifi services. I'd pay 4.99 a trip to have access. It'll happen. I sure it's tied up in a lengthly bid process. Read more »

Cable TV a La Carte

In my area, Cablevision has the monopoly. I signed up for their triple play option plus "boost". This will give me TV, Internet and telephone over their lines to my house. The phone for $15.00 per month is a great deal. Why does the internet cost $30.00 per month? Plus, I'm not sure this "boost", twice the speed of the internet, is really even faster. But I haven't tested it.

So Internet and phone cost me $45.00 per month. OK, not a budget breaker and I'm getting value. Unlimted long distance and 24/7 access the internet at broadband speeds. Read more »


About once a month I get excited by a product that will enhance my cultural experience. Griffin Technology is a sponsor of Culture Catch, thus, I've been paying closer attention to their product line. They have lots of great stuff for the iPod, but the new wireless speakers they have coming are really cool. Connect to an iPod base station, the speakers are rechargable, thus don't need to be plugged into the wall. Why is that important? If your outlet isn't grounded properly, powered speakers can get a small buzz. Read more »

Apple iPhone

As I am a follower, Apple does a great job in getting you to believe that you must have their lastest product. Before the iPhone, it was the G5 Intel Quad, the iMac, and of course the iPod. The iPhone is amazing, but it is just a phone. The G5 is very fast, but still a computer. The iPod, well, that was as revolutionary as the original iMac in '84. Read more »

Actors, Writers, Directors

Scripted User generated content. That's how I describe the new web series I'm launching. For the past six months, I've been working with a group of actors developing a web series based on pop culture in New York City. The development has been an organic experience. Scripts are somewhat grown from ideas that I come up with. Actors then take the ball and run with it. This series are short stories about what artists do for art sake. Mostly humorous, but their is a smart culture aspect that we're trying to achieve. Read more »


I've known Imus since the early 70's when he and his family moved down the street from my childhood home. I never met him, but became good friends with his daughter in high school. She's completely opposite from her father's persona on the radio. A real sweat soft spoken girl who'd never be one to ruffle the feathers. I had heard enough stories from her to know that Imus was a bit out there. However, growing up in CT outside NYC, anything was strange if you weren't playing by "rules" set hundreds of years earlier by those who founded the town. Read more »

NAB trick for podcasters

Speaking at NAB this year gave us lots of exposure to many other podcasters. Linking to technorati gives us the opportunity to keep a watch on what people are saying about us in the blog world....


ITV AD Culture

There are more mobile phones in India than there are people who are on-line. That is true in the United States as well. This is a global trend, in fact. The interactive world is all in a tizzy right now. G3 phones, those that play video, have gone viral. Numbers will go from 220 million global today to 500 million in five years. Ad expenditures are on an equal pace to increase dramatically before the decade is over. Read more »

Real Convergence is Here!

In the last 20 years, the computer consumer has been faced with a really painful decision - Mac or PC. For me it's always been a Mac, as a film maker, the PC never really entered my mind. If I was a sound editor or into 3D, then I most certainly would have made the switch. There has been that occasion when I wish I had a PC. A computer game only available on a PC or many different types of business software. Even massive, a program I don't need but would love to dream about having it just to play around, only runs on a PC. Read more »

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