Brooklyn Record Riot DJ set

When Phast Phreddie Patterson the Boogaloo Omnibus offers me an hour DJ set at the Brooklyn Record Riot at Warsaw, I always say yes. What's more fun than spinning for a bunch of hardcore music geeks? Thanks Phreddie!

Here's what I played this afternoon (all LPs).

"No More Hard Times" by Malachi Thompson, with vocals by Leon Thomas, from Spirit (Delmark, 1981)

"Bushman Song" by John Stubblefield from Bushman Song (Enja, 1986)

"Hidden Treasure" by Sonya Robinson feat. Jean-Paul Bourelly from Sonya (Columbia, 1987)

"Is Once Enough?" by Jean-Luc Ponty from Aurora (Atlantic, 1976) - I had just bought this at the show five minutes before my set!

"Spaces (Infinite)" by Larry Coryell from Spaces (Vanguard, 1974)

"The Rock Thing" by Jack DeJohnette, featuring a frenetic guitar solo by Mick Goodrick, from Sorcery (Prestige, 1974)

"Blues Dues" by Craig Harris from Blackout in the Square Root of Soul (JMT, 1988) - solo trombone! a good palate cleanser

"Japan" by Count Basie & his orchestra from Afrique (Flying Dutchman, 1971) - a Pharoah Sanders tune arranged by Oliver Nelson

Charles Tolliver and Music Inc. from The Ringer (Freedom/Arista, 1975)

"On Jupiter" by Sun Ra Arkestra from Sunrise in Different Dimensions (Hat Hut, 1980) one of the three tracks not on the CD edition

"Musique Mechanique" by Carla Bley from Mortelle Randonnee soundtrack (Mercury [French import], 1983)

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