Farewell, My Prince

Those who know me well, know that I was the publisher/editor of Prince's short-lived magazine NPG (New Power Generation) back in the mid '90s. (Culture Catch's managing editor Steve Holtje was our managing editor, too.) I had just finished my stint as editor-in-chief at Creem magazine where I was the only journalist to interview him in 1992. I had to agree to his seemingly restrictive demands that I not record our interview on a cassette recorder or use pen/pencil and paper and that he'd have final approval on the article, something we'd never done with any artist ever. I agreed since I was meeting him in person on his home turf. I did interview everyone in his inner circle and then finally met him in his private room where he played me his new record The Love Symbol Album in its entirety and we chatted about all kinds of things. Then known as the "Symbol/Glyph," "The Artist Formerly Known As..." or "The Boss" as he was known in and around his creative compound Paisley Park, I was told he really liked my creative cover story (Feb, 1993) that was as much an homage to Alice in Wonderland meets the Wizard of Oz as a visit to the astral/mystical world of Paisley Park.

Is There Life on Mars?

I was gutted by the news shared by playwright/producer Jeff Cohen as he and I walked our dogs in Riverside Park early this morning. The Thin White Duke was no more. I struggled to understand the implications of losing a music hero. Rushing home, resigned to reality, I watched his two new videos, the one above and the album's title track which I featured on this website last week, both from his 28th studio album, ★(Blackstar), released this past week on January 8th, 2016, the date of Bowie's 69th birthday. As I watched "Lazarus" again, it all made sense.

"Lazarus" is clearly Bowie's epitaph, his final prophetic performance on this mortal coil...

Egads! My Favorite Music from 2015!

Hey, music fans and friends, it's time once again to share my favorite music from 2015. 

The songs on my year-end list are not what I consider true "singles" but rather my favorite 25 songs from 2015. I've not heard all the amazing music released this past year, but I do consume a healthy dose of tunes every single day. Below are 13 of those songs with Youtube links if you can't access my Spotify list. Let's proceed, shall we?