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3amigosIt's difficult for me to recommend very many podcasts and video blogs, as I don't really have time due to the extraordinary commitment to this site. But lately I've made a concerted effort to check out some of the quirkier and more interesting original programming offered in this digital domain. These are not content-dumped TV series from the Big Networks and Cable outfits. None of them are spectacularly highbrow and one of them is purposely lowbrow, yet all of them are very creative. They could really only exist and flourish on the web. Sure, a few of them could migrate to other arenas, but then they'd be selling their souls to the man. When you create your own programming bubble, you are the gatekeeper. Long live the DIY indie spirit. Without digressing further, these are worthy additions to your bookmark tab.

Sex With Emily

Emily Morse is like your sister's girlfriend you had the secret crush on and you blushed whenever she was around you. Ms. Morse's advice show is more matter-of-fact than Dr. Ruth and more real than Dr. Phil's unctuous lecturing. Could be destined for bigger things.

Extreme Pods 

A guilty pleasure and one of my favorite video podcasts hosted by the Three Amigos - one 20-something son, one 30-something friend, and one 40-something dad. Each episode opens with these three knuckleheads sitting on a couch drinking beer and goading the audience to join them for another extreme sports episode. Kinda like Beavis & Butthead covering the X-Games on a beer bender. Funny, sophomoric stuff.

Ricky Gervais 

And speaking of funny... This bloke can do no wrong -- although his site needs a redesign. And with his iTunes-dominating podcast it's more outrageous mugging from this very likeable English comedic actor and friends. Perfect detachment while we wait on the new season of Extras on HBO.

Rocketboom 2.0

Life after Amanda. Some prefer the new UK gal Joanne Colan, claiming she's sharper, prettier and a tad more dynamic than Amanda. And she appears to be much more authoritative, but I suspect it's her Brit accent that gives her that edge. Whether you watch her everyday is up to you. This content goes down easy leaving no nasty aftertaste or hangover.

Amanda Across America

And if you miss Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom, she's landed on both feet (and her drivin' wheel) on her new videoblog as she crosses America and delivers her own quirky travelogue.


And if you're into animation, Doogtoons offers "cartoons of the people, by the people, and for the people." This is a robust site that as of late allows users to draw their own simple cartoons that get animated and shared with the world. Flex your creative skills today. Let me know what’s on your radar. I can always use some daily inspiration.

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