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Match PointDo not spend a single minute considering going to see the dramatically dull Match Point. It's Woody Allen for Dummies by Woody Allen. It’s one A-plot and no anything else-plots, so as not to confuse anyone (possibly and especially him and his obviously depleted sensibility).

There are direct lifts of dialogue from Crimes & Misdemeanors, no foolin'. For example:

"You mean if I won't leave my wife, you'll go to her and tell her..."

And other brilliant lines like the above that I'm too lazy to write down. Needless to say, It crosses that delicate line from tension to tedium at nearly every opportunity. With a THEME (capitals, mine) (Luck Over Greatness) that's boring, obscure, and meaningless to anyone who ever grew intellectually under his tutelage.

Moreover, Woody is so squeamish about depicting sex (pants on, blankets up to the neckline) that it cripples him from accurately and genuinely portraying the mania that accompanies it. The lovers end up looking like they've had too many Starbucks Mocha Grandees or some such thing. Save your money, stay home and rent Annie Hall instead.

Does anyone remember the last time a Woody Allen movie didn't sound like a Woody Allen movie?

Game. Set. Match.

Talk at you later. - Mr. Anon


Mr. Anon is a prominent Hollywood film editor who fears for his personal safety for this scathing review of the Woodman's latest film. He is still building his nest egg and hopes to one day help Mr. Allen find his groove again.

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