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beats-headphonesGuys love their gadgets. And if you're truly into music and incomparable sound reproduction, then excellent speakers and headphones are inevitably crucial to your listening experience. In these economically challenged days, most folks might not cotton to dropping $350 on a pair of headphones. For the serious audiophile, no big deal. Does it really matter that they were co-designed and endorsed by hip-hop impresario Dr. Dre? Not really. For the proof ultimately rests in what you hear and whether or not you like it. And when it comes to sound, Monster Cable places a premium on delivering the goods.

Moreover, if you're into form and function, and like turning heads while enjoying top-notch sound reproduction, then the Monster Cable Beats By Dr. Dre High-Definition Headphones are probably perfect for you.

I'll give main Monster Cable Monster Noel Lee this, and I know him personally, he's just as passionate about offering the best cables for your electronic gear -- whether its his first rate HDMI cables or pro line audio cables -- as he is about these new headphones. And he hasn't skimped when it comes to delivering high-level sound reproduction while wrapping these headphones in a Ferrari body. Who can blame him? These are attention-grabbing full-size over-the-ear cans. Even the sumptuous packaging spares no expense, so much so you might think about displaying the box on a bookshelf.

How do they perform? I can honestly say that they sound fantastic. I dropped on "Green Chimneys" by Thelonious Monk and waited. Wow. Real smooth. I was expecting the bass to be too boomy and hip-hop heavy. Thankfully the tones are nice and warm and even. Unfortunately for old-school sound geeks who prefer the warmth of vinyl, they do highlight the limitations of MP3 files. Yet, there's a whole new generation of music lovers who can't even relate to that sound dynamic.

Comfortable fit? Indeed. They feature a glossy extra-wide headband with two sturdy folding hinges and a mute button, which is quite handy when someone needs to speak to you. And as is the case with any noise cancellation headphone, they are battery operated (two AAA batteries). There's even a sturdy matte black case along with an anti-microbial cleaning cloth, one quarter-inch adapter, and two detachable cables: a red stereo cable, and a black Monster iSonitalk cable (iPhone mic adapter). That's very clever.

turbine-earbudsI'm not trading in my reference headphones from Ultrasone, I use those to mix the audio for our podcasts. But these are quite righteous for dropping tunes late at night while lounging around your domicile or at your work station in the office. Even if you're traveling and not opposed to the additional bulk of an over-the-ear headphone this size and dig noise cancelation, then you'd be hard pressed to do better. I personally would love a pair in a rugged Kevlar matte black finish. I'm way too anal to worry about keeping smudges off the high gloss finish.

If budget is a concern and you're into a more low-key listening experience, then pick up the new Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers. These are so sweet, and downplay any attention that you may not want to draw upon yourself when you're jacked into your MP3 player and you're ridin' the rails to and from work. I'm using them as I type this review. They sound just as dynamic on jazz tracks as they do with my alt- and classic rock tracks. Remarkable bass response for an earbud headphone. And classical, the ultimate test for any headphone, affords them passing marks as well. Again I'm listening to compressed MP3 files, so I'll test them with my CDs. But at $149.99 how can you go wrong? These black chrome, all-metal beauties come with multiple eartip sizes to afford any user a perfect fit to seal out noise. And as you would expect from Monster, the cable is a Duraflex® protective jacket for maximum tangle resistance and durability with a 24-karat gold connector tip. Plus they have black satin carrying case. As the packaging so aptly boasts: "Life is too short to listen to bad headphones." Amen to that.

As Lynyrd Skynyrd commanded so many years ago, it's time to "turn it up!"



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Mr. Wright is the former editor-in-chief of Creem and Prince's New Power Generation magazines as well as a writer of films, fiction, and music. He is also a singer/songwriter who has released 3 solo CDs, recently contributed to Chris Butler's The Devil's Glitch project (the longest song in the world), and a member of the folk-rock quartet GIANTfingers. And before all of this he was an agent at William Morris!