Your Mother Should Know!

Is it just another holiday designed to make us buy Hallmark cards or truly a day to pay homage to our beloved mothers? I awoke this morning and thought of my mother in Akron, and my wife slumbering next to me, the mother of my two children. How do we pay homage to their sacrifices, their nurturing comfort? Shall we sing the body electric? I will. I will play them music. I will share the majesty of rock and the sway of some forgotten classic. I will play "Mother" by John Lennon as well as "Mother" by Pink Floyd. I will remind my children to not let the fact that a woman named Anne Jarvis created the holiday at the turn of the 20th century get in the way of the celebration. Or that she chose the second Sunday in May for this glorious occasion. So even if your mother is no longer with you, or if your memories of her may not be as favorable as mine, sing out and celebrate Mother Earth, the earth goddess. Plant a sapling or talk a walk in the park. Paint a picture or ride your bike. Skip in the lane or row a boat. Or simply, dance to the music. What's your favorite song with the word "mother" in it? Leave your comments below. peace, Dusty