The Glass - Free MP3


the-glass-duoOnce two musical scallywags Jager-bombing their way around the East Village in spray-on jeans and worn out sneakers, The Glass have refined their lifestyle and sound to sexy results with their debut album At Swim Two Birds (Plant Music). If you dig New Order, then you'll dig the groove of electronica/pop duo, Dominique Keegan and Glen "DJ Wool" Brady, who started collaborating in 2004. The title comes from Dublin author Flann O' Brien's 1939 novel but is also a reference to Glen's love of the ocean and swimming (he was a teenage water polo champion) and Dom's love of birds (he fancies himself a part-time ornithologist, even as a Manhattan resident). Here's a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Four Four Letter" from their debut album.

peace, Dusty