Barney Hoskyns Book Salon - Tom Waits

waits-lowsideDusty Wright and Ed Bennett present a literary salon on Monday evening May 11th with one of Britain's most noted music critics, BARNEY HOSKYNS. He'll read from his new Tom Waits bio Lowside of the Road: A Life of Tom Waits. The salon discussion will be moderated by CC co-founder and host Dusty Wright.

This extraordinary event affords a select group of invited guests an unprecedented opportunity to meet Mr. Hoskyns and wax poetic about Mr. Waits. The evening begins with a private podcast interview by host Dusty Wright, followed by the Salon, and a private concert by world-famous guitarist GARY LUCAS performing Tom Waits covers.

Hope you join us.



P.S. Here's four live tracks recorded at the event by Julien Siegler and featuring Gary Lucas on National Steel and Strat, Dusty Wright on vocals and Gibson Blues King, Ed Bennett on percussion, and Vandana Jain and Alyson Faith on vocals:

"Virginia Avenue" -- "New Coat of Paint" -- "Going Out West" -- "Chocolate Jesus"


Shame I missed it

Shame I missed it :(

I'll be keeping an eye out for any future events.


Barney, Gary, and Tom

Such an enjoyable evening
in a wonderful space.

Thank You So Much !!

I shall return.....

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