Culture Catch Film Salon - Ghost Town

ghost_townCulture Catch and Paramount presents a private VIP advance screening of Ghost Town with its writer/director David Koepp on Thursday, August 7th at 8 pm at the UA Southhampton Movie Theater.

The seventh film of the Culture Catch Film Salon Series, Ghost Town, celebrates the fantasy romantic comedy genre by following the journey of Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) who -- after momentarily dying during a routine medical procedure -- has the ability to see the dead. His life takes a turn for the worse when ghost Frank Herlihy (Greg Kinnear) pesters him into breaking up the impending marriage of his widow Gwen (Tea Leoni).

Following the screening there will be a robust audience Q & A moderated by Dusty Wright with Mr. Koepp in the theater that will be taped for a future podcast. And we will co-host a private cocktail reception with our friends at prior to the screening at Savanna's in Southampton.

We'll be giving away four pairs of tickets to this special evening; just listen to our podcast with David -- our first podcast victim three years ago -- and you'll easily answer these four questions:

What was the impetus for David's spec script Panic Room?

What movie music is playing on our podcast with David?

What book was David reading on the set of Secret Window?

True or False: David wrote a draft for Apollo 13.

Email your answers to us today.


Dusty & Richard

Co-sponsored by our friends at Izze, Tito's, Savanna's and

This was a great movie!

This was a great movie! Ricky Gervais is a master at his craft and I loved his UK version of "The Office" as well. I'm going to put ghost town on my netflix queue so I can watch it again, haven't seen it in a while.

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