Les Gelb Book Salon - Morning Joe

Photo credit: Jon Gordon

Culture Catch & DL21C presented a book salon Thursday evening, May 14 at The Center with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Leslie H. Gelb.

Mr. Geld read, discussed, and signed his new book Power Rules. The discussion was moderated by MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. This extraordinary event afforded a select group of invited guests an unprecedented opportunity to listen and discuss in an informal and casual setting the impact of this must-read book.

Inspired by Machiavelli's classic The Prince, Mr. Gelb offered a common sense approach to foreign policy.

"If you care about America's standing in the world -- why it has declined, and how to restore it -- this book is essential reading. Power Rules is an indispensable book for the new era." - Richard Holbrooke

The evening began with a private podcast interview by host Dusty Wright followed by the book reading, Q&A from our moderators, and audience discussion. Stay tuned for more smart salons from Culture Catch.

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Jon Gordon photos from our VIP event: