CC Music Salon Series - Vanessa Carlton


JAWBONE presents the CULTURE CATCH MUSIC SALON with MS. VANESSA CARLTON -- an evening of champagne, food, music and smart conversation.

This extraordinary night of music and talk affords a select group of invited VIPs an unprecedented opportunity to discuss in an informal and casual setting the impact of music and the cultural significance it may or may not have on our society. We're looking for the integrity of the musician and their symbiotic relationship with our culture.

This is an invitation-only event. No, we're not culture snobs -- well, maybe just a little bit -- but space is tight in the spectacular Bennett Media Studios.

The event will take place on TUESDAY, June 17th, 7-10 PM, with the NYC-based singer/songwriter Ms. VANESSA CARLTON.

Ms. Carlton is getting ready to launch her latest tour in support of her critically acclaimed CD Heroes & Thieves (The Inc./Universal). 

"Heroes & Thieves delivers the expected, even more so than her second album: sweeping gusts of piano, sounds that feel dramatic but not weighty. Like on "Be Not Nobody," there's a sense of lightness to Carlton's writing -- even if things get a little sad here, they're not gloomy -- which not only makes her accessible, it means that it's as easy to take this as mood music as it is for introspection." - All Music Guide
The evening will begin with drinks and light food, followed by a 15-minute introduction/interview by Dusty Wright, a private set of music by the artist, and an audience Q&A afterwards. And the interview and performance will be recorded in HD 5.1 Surround Sound with the new Holophone 5.1 mic for a future video podcast.
Email us for a chance to receive two VIP passes. Tell us why you'd like to attend.
peace, Dusty

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