Napapijri Film Salon Series - Toby Dammit


Culture Catch and Napapijri are pleased to continue our Film Salon series. More than just meeting a director or actor and then screening a movie, this monthly in-store event affords a select group of invited VIP New Yorkers an unprecedented opportunity to discuss in an informal and casual setting the impact of a movie and the cultural significance it may or may not have on our society. We're looking for the integrity of the film and filmmaker(s) and their symbiotic relationship with our brands.

If you're not invited, chances are you will not get in. No, we're not culture snobs -- well, maybe just a little bit -- but space is tight in this beautiful Italian-based sportswear retailer's Napapijri Soho store at 149 Mercer Street (between Prince & Houston), NYC 10012, 212-431-4490.

Each event will start with drinks and light food, an interview by Dusty Wright with either the director and/or star of the movie, private screening of the movie, and a chance to discuss it in detail afterward. Our next event is scheduled for TUESDAY, MAY 20th from 7 - 10 PM, with author, director, professor and cultural ambassador Antonio Monda screening Federico Fellini's segment from the Edgar Allen Poe anthology Histoires Extraordinaires (aka Spirits of the Dead), Italian cinema cult classic Toby Dammit (1968) starring Terence Stamp.

"Toby Dammit, the first new Fellini to be seen here since Juliet of the Spirits in 1965, is marvelous: a short movie but a major one. I would never have thought that Fellini and Poe had much in common, but the Italian director has assimilated his source material in such a way that it has become a kind of postscript to La Dolce Vita, the picture of an exhausted, once beautiful person handing his soul over to the devil." - Vincent Canby, NY Times 

Email us for a chance to receive two VIP passes. Tell us why you'd like to attend. And you can also OPT IN now for a chance to be invited to this and other private CC VIP EVENTS. From your mobile phone TXT the word CULTURE to 692-787 (n-y-a-r-t-s; just SIX digits). We'll ping you back with your OPT-IN confirmation. Then show our door person you CC Text Confirmation on any U.S. carrier mobile phone and you're in.

peace, Dusty

Co-sponsored by our friends at Izze, Tito's and Verizon Wireless.

Photos by David Ochoa: dave8a (at) gmail (dot) com