Soundtrack For A Revolution Movie Salon

soundtrack_revolution_hamiltonCULTURE CATCH & DL21C presented the soon-to-be award-winning documentary Soundtrack For A Revolution screening and discussion moderated by author and political commentator Keli Goff. This extraordinary event afforded a select group of invited guests an unprecedented opportunity to watch and discuss in an informal and casual setting the impact of this must-see Danny Glover-executive produced documentary that features contemporary artists reworking Civil Rights Movement-themed protest songs. Artists such as The Roots, Wyclef Jean, Joss Stone, John Legend, Richie Havens, Anthony Hamilton with the Blind Boys of Alabama (above left), and others contributed to the project. This is destined to be a movie to inspire people for many, many years.

The evening began with a private interview by host Dusty Wright with the writers/directors Dan Sturman and Bill Guttentag, as well as the executive producer Danny Glover and producer Joslyn Barnes of Louverture Films followed by the screening and audience discussion.

Email us for a chance to receive two passes for our next screening of this extraordinary film. 

peace, Dusty

Thanks to our friends at Izze.

Photographs by Chris London.












Soundtrack DVD

I just checked Amazon and they have a slot for a future release so it looks like it will be released at some point this year. Best to keep checking Amazon.

Also you may want to check out my audio podcast interview with Danny Glover and the producer, and directors:

Danny Glover interview

buying a DVD

I saw the movie "Soundtrack for a Revolution" in Athens, GA last month.
We were moved to tears.
I'd like to buy a copy for a friend.
How and where can I do that?

Annette Bergins

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