Mr. Gray Probes NY ComicCon


As Mr. Gray telepathically says, "Gray is the new black, all 50 shades!"

Meet Mr. Gray and Agent BJ as well as cast members Sky Windu, Marvin Felberand NYC-based artist Michael ZanskyZansky will also take orders for a limited-edition 33" x 20" art book, eComic,  and a very limited-edition 16" 2-D translucent Mr. Gray sculpture, and other cool collectible swag.

Auteur David Lynch taped the webcast pilot with our affable alien talk show host with animation sequences created by Zansky and Zeth Willie. Catch all the episodes and promos at

Stay tuned for more probing information as well as our animated short films, promos, music show, and freshly baked Mr. Gray Magnolia Bakery cupcakes available in our booth on Thursday, Oct. 11th.