Do The Chicken Dance!

little_freddie_kingLittle Freddie King: You Don't Know What I Know (Fat Possum) More kick-ass juke-joint blues from the folks at Fat Possum! Yeah, Little Freddie King is 65-years old but sings with the glee of a teenager - try not to grin while "Chicken Dance" is playing. Not that King doesn't sing about some pretty adult situations, such as the fact that he has a bullet lodged next to his spine from when his wife shot him during a quarrel. He also brilliantly steals a Hendrix riff to construct "Crack Head Joe." This is good fun with some sharp guitar, plus a nifty remix of "Chicken Dance" that actually works. - Steve Holtje Little Freddie King - You Don't Know What I Know sholtje.jpgMr. Holtje is a Brooklyn-based former editor of Creem Magazine and, editor of the acclaimed MusicHound Jazz: The Essential Album Guide, and contributor to The Big Takeover, Early Music America, and many other hip periodicals. He is a buyer at Sound Fix, a hot new record store in Williamsburg.