Real Convergence is here

In the last 20 years, the computer consumer has been faced with a really painful decision - Mac or PC. For me it's always been a Mac, as a film maker, the PC never really entered my mind. If I was a sound editor or into 3D, then I most certainly would have made the switch. There has been that occasion when I wish I had a PC. A computer game only available on a PC or many different types of business software. Even massive, a program I don't need but would love to dream about having it just to play around, only runs on a PC.

All of that changed yesterday when Apple announced their new computers will run Windows XP. In fact, there will be a way to run PC programs in the OSX world. After all OSX runs on Unix which makes all of this possible.

While this won't effect me becuase I don't really have a need for any PC programs, I did wonder what would make the best buy for my kids in the coming years. Now my decision is allot easier.

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