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Submitted by richardb on April 19, 2006 - 06:03

There are more mobile phones in India than there are people who are on-line. That is true in the United States as well. This is a global trend, in fact. The interactive world is all in a tizzy right now. G3 phones, those that play video, have gone viral. Numbers will go from 220 million global today to 500 million in five years. Ad expenditures are on an equal pace to increase dramatically before the decade is over.

Why is this so important to the interactive world? Because everyone carries their mobile phone with them at all times. It doesn't matter if your working, working out, having sex or sleeping, ones mobile phone is with in reach of a pocket or night table. What's ridiculous to me are those who are literately connected to their phone at all times. Those blue tooth earphones that stay on the ear at all times. I don't get this. Expecially if your walking into a place of worship.

Remember the days when people would go into a phone booth, close the door and talk quietly so others couldn't hear them. Today, your invited to listen in on conversations even if you rather not. Or how bout being a couch potatoe. Just sit and act like a vegtable while the rays from the cathrode tube dull your brain into a mediative state. A time of day, when you don't have to think. Ah Bliss...

Text message "not any more" 34567 and you find the answer to the question or vote on an answer which then becomes the winning answer to the question. You're going to find those text messaging prompts to be more prevelant in our daily lives. The magazine industry is going to depend on them if they want to stay relavant. American Idol would be a fading memory with out the interactive TV feature in their show. Expect to hear it on radio ads and most billbords too.

The cel phone is the black box that controlls interactive TV. It's a new platform to deliver TV, both live and VOD. It's a way to retrieve instant information on restaurants, flight info, and can send out becon signal for letting your friends know that you've come with in ten blocks of them.

While all the features of G3 phones have features to make our daily lives "faster", remember that there is a gatekeeper keeping track and billing you for these features. The mobile company is in control of what information they want to provide to you. Thus, buying a cel phone will involved into not just what is the best coverage, but who gives the best freeddom of choice when it comes to selecting information.

I run Culture Catch. If I have Verizon, but Verizon doesn't allow access to Culture Catch's mobile content, I have to get a cel service that does.

That's gonna suck big time.

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