Cable TV a La Carte

Submitted by richardb on July 30, 2007 - 08:38

In my area, Cablevision has the monopoly. I signed up for their triple play option plus "boost". This will give me TV, Internet and telephone over their lines to my house. The phone for $15.00 per month is a great deal. Why does the internet cost $30.00 per month? Plus, I'm not sure this "boost", twice the speed of the internet, is really even faster. But I haven't tested it.

So Internet and phone cost me $45.00 per month. OK, not a budget breaker and I'm getting value. Unlimted long distance and 24/7 access the internet at broadband speeds.

TV is my big problem at $89.00. I get 336 channels, not including the VOD channels. Of those 336 channels, I only watch 50, most of them are movie channels plus the broadcast channels, a couple of the news channels and the kid channels.

I don't speak spanish, that cuts out about 20 of the 336. I don't shop on TV, thus another 10 are useless. I could go on and on about groups and individual channels that I have never spent one second watching, yet I pay for them.

I really don't know what the status of the bill in congress is to force cable companies to offer a la carte cable to customers. To me it's an issue of waste and channel surfing. I rather pay for the 50 channels I use then having another 270 I never use. Is it going to save me money? Is less going to cost me more? Thats not the issue.

Here my real problem with all the channels. I like quality programming. I hate reality tv, cop chases and all the other crap that is tailored to the 18 to 34 year old crowd. However, when channel surfing, I tend to stop and watch the sensational stuff on these channels. The content is dramatic and sucks you in. But it's a waste. of time.

I know if I sat down and edited down my channels, I'd only get the ones that deliever the quality programming and edit out all the other channels that tend to waste my time. Plus with an 8 and 10 year in the house, I don't want my MTV and many other channels for them to view.

So, if less is going to cost me more, so be it. But I want the option. I don't have a lot of time to watch TV. Frankly, I'm on the internet getting most of my entertainment these days anyway. I want my TV streamlined. Get to the stuff I really might want to watch. If nothing interests me, then the boob tube goes off. I don't want to land on a channel that sucks me in with crap I shouldn't be wasting my day watching.

The world is quickly moving towards downloading to TV option. Self programming your TV with content from Internet is a really great option for me. It gives me the a la carte option I'm seeking. iTunes/Apple TV business is slowly growing, but it's early in the game. Soon, we'll have internet ready TV sets - computers inside a TV set.

Let em fight it out in congress about a la carte. It may be a la moot soon. I'm all for it.

We see Culture Catch as a 21st TV channel. Soon it will be "easy" to get Culture Catch on your TV set which will mean there will be thousands of other shows for download as well. High quality programming delivered from the Internet to your home theater in dolby 5.1 surround sound.

I like the sound of that.

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