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Submitted by richardb on August 1, 2007 - 17:53

This Summer involves travel from NYC to the country. Thus, the need to occupy my ADT is quite important. On the train, the laptop works quiet well for my needs. I can edit Culture Catch programs using FCP. This chews up a 2hr train trip in a split second. The Lirr managers are lossing money everyday they don't offer wifi services. I'd pay 4.99 a trip to have access. It'll happen. I sure it's tied up in a lengthly bid process.

What I'm really jones' for is more hi quailty movies to buy on iTunes. On my trips while I'm on a bus I like to watch movies. Also, when I'm driving, I like to listen to a good movie, usally a documentary, mostly music docs. I know, driving and watching movies is dangerous, but I really only listen with a occansional glance.

The films I've downloaded are the Bob Dylan doc, Neil Young doc and U2's doc. They are easy to listen too over and over. Great music and excellent stories. Well, the U2 doc is really an extended concert doc with some stupid interviews. Neils doc is also a extended music video with great Nashville musicians.

Dylan's doc is much more of a interesting story. Weaving his career through the times he was living. Most of footage is from other previous docs, so it's a bit of re-editing job, but overall, he covered some really interesting topics regarding this career. I especially like the stories about Greenwich Village. Cafe Wah is a place I've been too recently. It's the first place Dylan went to when he arrive in NYC.

Marcus letherdale who's podcast will be released soon on Culture Catch speaks about the "old" days of being an artist in NYC. I heard it all before from various people. Soho was over when the Gap moved in. Certainly, NYC has grown in the last 40 years. But to say it not as good as it was depends on when your history began.

I found many of the those old NYC "bohemian" characteristics that Marcus speaks about and the Dylan doc portrays still exists today.
Recently, Dusty and I went to see a young singer song writer. Afterwards, the publiscits invited us to an Italian restaurant in the East Village. We passed hundreds of cool clubs and great restaurants.
The city was vibrant, alive and full of creation.

In fact, John's on 12th St is famed for many of the films and TV shows filmed there. Recently, the spot where Tony Saprano kicks the teeth out of a good fella who insulted his daughter. The food is reason to go to John's.

What I really wanted to dicuss was the movie I downloaded last night. John Sayle's The Return of the Secacus 7. The famed independents directorial debut. I watched on my ipod on the bus. Created in 1980, the film has always been on my list of movies to watch someday. I remember a friend of mind told me once it was completely ripped off by Lawrence Kasden three years later with The Big Chill.

The Bill Chill is just a bigger budgeted version of Secaucus Seven without a doubt. However, Sayles $40,000 film shot in a few weeks really captures what's great about independent films. This film is completely stripped down. No effects, action, music, stars... all the things necessary in the blockbusters today. Yet, I couldn't stop watching this movie. His talent really shines in this film. Sayle's Lone Star is one of my favorites, but I also like Men with Guns and Passion Fish. Sayles is a dying breed in the film business. Which is too bad.

However, the Internet might just bring back those voices that have been silence by corporate gatekeepers unwilling to invest in young auteurs. Finding those films to download for the iPod has been difficult. There's a really need for this for guys like me. If anybody has a good site... let me know.

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