Leopard is here

After a few days of playing around with Leopard, I feel like this is such a great technical achievement... I just had to write about this OS. Forget about all the nut's 'n' bolts of the OS, it's just a incredible leap into the future. Bravo Apple! Bravo.

You continue to make it easy and smarter to use a computer. Time Machine is so great. We all worry about backing up info on a regular basis. I've had my share of drives crash and burn lots of information. Editing this show requires massive amounts of drive space. I don't back up media because I have it on tape format. Thus, redigiting everything would take forever. However, with Time Machine, I'm getting a huge drive or two and letting it back up all our shows. When I want to look at an old show deleted off my drives, Time Machine will take me there.

With millions of documents on my harddrive, the way in which I can know quickly view and find them is just awesome.

I can't say enough about leopard.

What's next? An Apple Telelvision set. That's my prediction. Maybe not at this MacWorld Expo. FYI: In SF, we're doing a big party to celebrate Art 'n' Technology. Should be great. This week we will be podcasting a really cool piece we did with Lincoln Shatz. Mind blowing work he's doing with a Mac, camera and lots of video screens.

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