Danny Glover: Dusty Wright Show 076

danny-gloverCivil Rights Viewed Through The Music That Shaped It!

Danny Glover and his team discuss their unique view of the '60s Civil Rights movement through the people that shaped it and the music that kept them united in their must-see documentary, Soundtrack for a Revolution.

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Turk Pipkin: Dusty Wright Show 075

turkpipkin.jpgTexas Writer/Director Shares the Peace on Audio Podcast.

Turk Pipkin is a juggernaut in the arts: actor (The Sopranos, Waiting For Guffman), author/writer (Fast Greens and other books and TV projects), director, even comedian. We discuss his second must-see documentary, One Peace at a Time.

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Hannah Rothschild: Dusty Wright Show 074

hannah_rothschildBritish Documentarian Unveils Her Family's Jazz Secret on Podcast!

UK filmmaker Hannah Rothschild has crafted a loving and compelling documentary -- The Jazz Baroness -- about her great aunt Pannonica and her relationship with bebop legend Thelonious Monk.

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Tony Fletcher: Dusty Wright Show 073

tony_fletcherWriter Shares Historical View of NY Music Scene on Podcast

A casual conversation with critically acclaimed author Tony Fletcher about his illuminating book -- All Hopped Up and Ready To Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-77

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Sally Potter: Dusty Wright Show 072

sally_potterRenaissance Woman Pushes The Boundaries of Film on Podcast

Award-winning, UK-based indie filmmaker and director Sally Potter shares insights about her craft and the birth of her latest project Rage

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Derek Trucks: Dusty Wright Show 071

derek-trucks-podcastThe Best Guitarist on The Planet Gets Real on Podcast

Award-winning guitarist and bandleader Derek Trucks discusses his music, family, life on the road, and his appreciation for the blues, Eric Clapton, and the Allman Brothers. Plus some tasty guitar playing!

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Tilda Swinton: Dusty Wright Show 070

tilda-swintonAdvice From The Hinterlands of Scotland Podcast

Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton discusses her very sane methods of handling the movie business, her latest movie Julia, and the importance of music in life. (Powered by Sony Pro.)

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Les Gelb: Dusty Wright Show 069

les-gelbDistinguished Writer Shares Foreign Policy Solutions on Podcast

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Les Gelb shares his common sense approach for our daunting and complex foreign policy issues. Dusty sat with him before our Book Salon for Power Rules. (Powered by Sony Pro.)

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Barney Hoskyns: Dusty Wright Show 068

barney-hoskynsUK Writer Reveals The Real Tom Waits on Audio Podcast!

London-based music critic Barney Hoskyns discusses his new biography on singer-songwriter Tom Waits entitled Lowside of the Road and the extraordinary career of a true American icon. (Powered by Sony Pro.

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Gary Sinise: Dusty Wright Show 067

gary_siniseActor Gary Sinise Finds Inspiration In Iraq Doc on Audio Podcast!

Award-winning actor/director/producer and Steppenwolf co-founder Gary Sinise (CSI: NY) discusses his new documentary Brothers At War, Forrest Gump, and helping U.S. vets and the citizens of Iraq.

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Robert Adanto: Dusty Wright Show 066

robert-adantoWest Coast Filmmaker Explores Contemporary Chinese Art on Podcast.

LA-based film director Robert Adanto examines Chinese culture with his pivotal documentary The Rising Tide about their burgeoning art scene and key artists. (Powered by Bennett Media Studio.)

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G. Klovis Suskind: Dusty Wright Show 065

g-klovis-suskindEnigmatic Literary Genius Unveils Truths on Podcast

Few can predict how an ongoing 1,200 page novel will be received by literally-challenged readers. Moreover, few will find a more complex mind than G. Klovis Suskind

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James Gray: Dusty Wright Show 064

james_grayDirector Shares Stolen Moments From The Masters on Podcast.

New York film director James Gray -- Little Odessa, We Own The Night, The Yards, Two Lovers, staring Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow -- discusses the wonderful world of cinema.

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Ron Howard: Dusty Wright Show 063

ron_howardDirector Exposes Tricky Dick in Latest Flick on Audio Podcast

Former TV star The Andy Griffith Show, Happy Days) and Academy Award winning director Ron Howard discusses his marvelous career; Splash, Cocoon, Apollo Thirteen, A Beautiful Mind, Arrested Development, Da Vinci Code, Frost/Nixon, and latest Angels & Demons. (Powered by Sony Pro.)

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Richard Belzer: Dusty Wright Show 062

richard_belzerLaw and Order Det. John Munch Exposes The Truth on Podcast!

Actor, comedian, writer, and conspiracy theorist Richard Belzer breaks down his past (Saturday Night Live), world politics, UFOs, and his new novel I Am Not A Cop!

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