Gore Vidal: Dusty Wright Show 046

vidal.jpgGore Vidal Attempts to Enlighten The World on Audio Podcast!

For actor, author, lecturer, essayist, and witty elder statesman, Gore Vidal has never met a subject he wouldn't tackle. From religion (Messiah) to politics (United States) to sex (Myra Breckinridge), this man of letters is always pressing buttons. Dusty met him at his LA home. (Music by Ljova.)

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Tera Patrick: Dusty Wright Show 045

tera2.jpgTera Patrick Exposes Her Soul On Podcast Debut! Adult superstar

Tera Patrick candidly shares a side of her most never see. She is one intelligent, altruistic, and gorgeous woman. Dusty met the sultry registered nurse in NYC. Check out her revealing webcast, too.

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David Lynch: Dusty Wright Show 044

lynch.jpgAuteur David Lynch Alters Reality on Audio Podcast Debut!

For abstract visionary David Lynch, the world is your own reality. From the center of your mind to the ever expanding universe of his latest feature INLAND EMPIRE, we bring you a frank discussion about TM, movies, and the metaphysical connection of art to human beings.

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Bruce Jay Friedman: Dusty Wright Show 043

bruce_friedman.jpgWriter Bruce Jay Friedman Positions Himself in Podcast Debut!

Bronx-born Bruce Jay Friedman has a writer's resume many envy. From successful books (Stern, A Father's Kisses) to movies (Splash, The Heartbreak Kid), his life resonates well beyond the velvet rope of Elaine's. Check out his latest book Sexual Pensées.

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Patricia Correia: Dusty Wright Show 042

patricia_correia.jpgArt Impresario Exposes The Gallery World on Podcast Debut!

From her salad days as an art student in Hawaii to collecting in NYC to opening her successful Bergamot Station gallery in Santa Monica, for many struggling artists Patricia Correria is the patron saint of Chicano art. (Music by Los Lobos.

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Chris Butler, Pt. 2: Dusty Wright Show 041

chrisbutler.jpgMadcap Waitress' History of The Akron Sound, Part Deux! Svengali

Chris Butler continues to define alternative music. From The Waitresses to Tin Huey to holding the Guinness World Record for the longest recorded pop song, here's part two of his podcast interview and history of N.E. Ohio rock.

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Matthew Modine: Dusty Wright Show 040

matthew_modine.jpgMatthew Modine Comes Clean and Gets Green on Podcast Debut!

For NYC-based actor/director/writer Matthew Modine, the environment is not a dirty word. Beyond his storied movie career, he's worked diligently on practical solutions and simple strategies that can impact the earth in a positive manner.

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Andy Summers/The Police: Dusty Wright Show 039

andy_summers.jpgA Police-man Explicates The Mysteries of UK Rock on Podcast Debut!

Before The Police dominated music in late 70s/early 80s, guitarist Andy Summers was already a master guitarist. From his love of jazz (Grant Green to Ralph Towner) to his favorite Police song, he shares tales from his new memoir One Train Later.

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Pete Shelley/The Buzzcocks: Dusty Wright Show 038

peteshelley.jpgPunk Rock Icon Deconstructs Punk On Podcast Debut.

Pete Shelley and The Buzzcocks motor on with relentless touring and uplifting live shows that would bury rockers half their age. Here's a music lesson from the writer of such classics as "Orgasm Addict" and "Homosapien."

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Turk Pipkin: Dusty Wright Show 037

turkpipkin.jpgTexas Writer/Director Exposes the Future On Podcast Debut.

Turk Pipkin is a juggernaut in the arts -- actor (The Sopranos, Waiting For Guffman), author/writer (Fast Greens and other books and TV projects), director, even comedian. We discuss his prescient must-see documentary Nobelity.

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Mark Morris: Dusty Wright Show 036

mark_morris.jpgThe King of Dance Dazzles in Podcast Debut!

Mark Morris is the heir to throne of contemporary dance. From his wonderful facility in Brooklyn, we discussed the nature of this often over looked art form, his choreography chops, and his group's impact on pop culture. (Music by Ljova.)

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Arielle Dombasle: Dusty Wright Show 035

arielle.jpgFrench Siren Exposes Her Soul To The World on Podcast Debut!

Paris-based actress/singer Arielle Dombasle is an international pop culture icon. Her much publicized marriage to philosopher/writer Bernard-Henri Lévy, illustrious film career (Les Ames Fortes, Miroslava), and new CD Amor Amor only reinforce her envied status.

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Toby Young: Dusty Wright Show 034

tyoung.jpgLondon Writer Takes Off The Gloves On Podcasting Debut!

For UK scribe Toby Young, conquering America began in NYC at Vanity Fair. He shared those exploits in How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. His latest eyebrow-raising tome The Sound of No Hands Clapping skewers Hollyweird.

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Chris Paine: Dusty Wright Show 033

chrispaine.jgglLA Director Tells The Truth About the Electric Car on Podcast Debut!

Documentary director Chris Paine had his EV taken from him, as did many other folks who leased GM's eco-friendly, forward-thinking electric car. Hear the entire account of Who Killed The Electric Car? and why we need greener vehicles right now!

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Zero 7: Dusty Wright Show 032

zero7.jpgZero 7 Chill Out With Dusty in London on Podcast Debut!

The UK-based duo Zero 7 defy categorization with their brand of blissful and soulful electronica. Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns display remarkable creativity both in front of and behind the consule, from songwriting to performing.

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