Lawrence O'Donnell: Dusty Wright Show 031

odonnell.jpgWest Wing Writer/Producer Shares Political Chops on Podcast Debut!

From his heady days as the Democratic Chief of Staff of the United States Senate Committee on Finance to his success as an author and creative voice on the hit series The West Wing, Mr. O'Donnell breaks down the writer's process for network television.

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Chris Butler: Dusty Wright Show 030

chrisbutler.jpgMadcap Musical Guru Explodes A Song In Podcast Debut!

Singer/songwriter/band leader/producer Chris Butler defined alternative music with his Akron band The Waitresses and Tin Huey. The Do Ya Project: An Exploded Song finds him celebrating his rock roots by reassembling Jeff Lynne's classic ditty "Do Ya".

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Winsor Harmon: Dusty Wright Show 029

winsor.jpgSoap Star Comes Clean in Podcast Debut!

Winsor Harmon aka Thorne Forrester from The Bold & The Beautiful inhabits a dreamscape of babes, bad breath, and rabid fans. Listen to this refreshingly candid chat with a former Marlboro man. (Photo by Lynn Hacking)

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Liz Friedlander: Dusty Wright Show 028

liz.jpgFemale Director Takes The Lead on Podcast Debut!

For LA-based Liz Friedlander working with Antonio Banderas was uplifting. Having directed critically acclaimed music videos (Joss Stone, U2, k.d. Lang, Kelly Clarkson, R.E.M., Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne), the jump to features, especially one featuring dancing, couldn't have been more natural.

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Gary Baseman: Dusty Wright Show 027

toby1.jpgArtist Gary Baseman Unleashes His Id on Podcast Debut!

LA-based artist Gary Baseman is one of the hardest working dudes we know. His work can be found in galleries, on TV (Emmy-award winning cartoon Teacher's Pet), even at collectible vinyl toy shops with his much beloved sidekick Toby. Check out his CC vidcast, too.

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Coturri Brothers: Dusty Wright Show 026

coturri_brothers.jpgOrganic Winemaking Brothers Dissect the Grape on Podcast Debut

At Coturri, it's more than just grapes. Once snickered at for their organic biodynamic trendsetting farming and production chops, Deadhead Phil and Norton-riding Tony Coturri have shown that their wines have legs. (Illustration by Stanley Mouse.)

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Todd McFarlane: Dusty Wright Show 025

todd1.jpgComic Book Artist Spawns An Empire on Podcast Debut!

From Marvel (Spider-Man), DC, and Image fame to the birth of the indie giant Spawn, Canadian-born Todd McFarlane helped usher in a new era and successful business model for all comic book artists. Plus a cool toy line, too.

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Pamela Des Barres: Dusty Wright Show 024

pamela.jpgSuper Groupie Shares Her Heart on Her Sleeve!

LA-based author Pamela Des Barres is the former muse to the rock 'n' roll elite -- Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Chris Hillman (The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers), Mick Jagger, and even outlaw country star Waylon Jennings. She is refreshingly candid and empowered.

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James Braly: Dusty Wright Show 023

James BralyStoryteller Maybe Tells The Truth on Audio Podcast! NYC-based

James Braly tells stories for his livelihood. Once a musician of some renown, he is now one of the fabulous fablers of The Moth, Mouthpiece, and Hearsay. Listen as he waxes poetic about his life story -- well, part of it anyway.

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Neik: Dusty Wright Show 022

NeikEnigmatic Prog Rocker Nearly Reveals His Secrets on Podcast!

Neik, founder and keyboard wizard of the NY-based free-form prog rock quartet C.i.E. (Cueing in Excelsias) remains a purposely hidden entity on the outer fringes of music. He's defined by the very bands that inspired his journery - Beefheart, Gong, Hawkwind, King Crimson, Yes, et al.

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Les Paul: Dusty Wright Show 021

Les PaulLegendary Guitarist Shares His Youthful Secrets on Podcast Debut!

Ageless inventor Les Paul knows a few things about the birth of the solid body electric guitar, multi-track recorder, songwriting ("How High The Moon," "Caravan," Vaya Con Dios"), and his place in history. Watch him in action on CC vidcast, too.

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Mark Russell: Dusty Wright Show 020

Mark RussellUnderground Theater Provocateur Reveals All on Podcast!

As the former curator for PS 122 for 21 years, Mark Russell helped expand the avant-garde in NYC. His passion, commitment, and depth of knowledge of cutting edge theater and performance art left an indelible mark in the public's eye. His latest venture is Under The Radar, an experimental international theater festival.

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Tony Visconti: Dusty Wright Show 019

Tony ViscontiLegendary Record Producer Rocks on Apple Soho Store Podcast!

Brooklyn-born Tony Visconti moved to London to produce genre-defining albums for David Bowie, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, The Moody Blues, The Strawbs, Gentle Giant, Morrissey, and many others. His kung fu may be strong but his stories, wisdom and passion for music are even stronger.

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David Cronenberg: Dusty Wright Show 018

David CronenbergAward Winning Filmmaker Is Fearless on Podcast Debut!

From his early sci-fi and horror movies like The Fly to psychological thrillers like Dead Ringers and Spider to his adaptations of Wagner and Locke's graphic novel A History of Violence, Canadian David Cronenberg is a true auteur. Listen to him wax poetic about racing Red Cars and Hollywood.

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Bif Naked: Dusty Wright Show 017

Bif NakedRocker Bif Naked Bares Her Soul on Podcast debut!

Canadian Bif Naked is one empowered woman surviving and thriving in a genre of music dominated by men. Not only is she beautiful but also profanely articulate, intelligent, and well-read. Oh, yeah, she can flat out rock. Check out her sexy CC vidcast, too.

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