Kurt Loder: Dusty Wright Show 061

kurt-loderMTV Scribe Shares His Smart Culture Picks on Podcast!

Author, former Rolling Stone and Circus editor, and current MTV film critic Kurt Loder is currently working on his autobiography, certain to offer even more insight into the excesses of rock and roll.

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Stephanie Stokes: Dusty Wright Show 060

stephanie_stokesStunt Woman Performs Without a Net on Podcast

Debut! Gorgeous stuntwoman and TV presenter Stephanie Stokes certainly knows how to conceal her scars. Fascinating stories about being burned, pummeled, and even pushed from a building top. (Powered by Grosvenor Park.)

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Dan Aykroyd: Dusty Wright Show 059

dan_ackroydElwood Moans The Blues on Podcast Debut!

Blues Brother, Saturday Night Live alumnus, and UFO aficionado, Dan Aykroyd is a juggernaut of kinetic motion, and a damn fine harmonica player to boot. He shares his passion about all shades of the blues.

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Arianna Huffington: Dusty Wright Show 058

ariannaThe Queen of All Blogs Tackles The Truth on Podcast

Author (Right Is Wrong), syndicated columnist, radio co-host, and co-founder and editor in chief of the widely read The Huffington Post, LA-based Arianna Huffington is an intelligent and passionate voice in a world of cluttered disinformation. (Sponsored by Bennett Media Studios.)

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Alison Thompson: Dusty Wright Show 057

alison_thompsonNew York Director Shares Altruism on Podcast Debut

For filmmaker Alison Thompson, helping people in need is her prime directive. Her award-winning documentary The Third Wave, about post-tsunami aid to Sri Lanka, will touch your soul.

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Scott Harrison: Dusty Wright Show 056

scott_harrisonA New Yorker's Global Pursuit of Clean Water Podcast!

For Scott Harrison digging wells during the day replaced club promoting at night. From Mercy Ships to a remarkable altruistic endeavor Charity Water, he's the Johnny Appleseed of fresh water.

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Shane McConkey: Dusty Wright Show 055

shane_mcconkeyGetting Extremely Airborne with Daredevil on Podcast!

From BASE jumping to extreme skiing Shane McConkey lives to push the limits on land and in the air. His latest gig finds him providing eye-popping moments in the new big mountain ski movie Steep.

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Bob Costas: Dusty Wright Show 054

bob_costasSportscasting Giant Forgets Mickey Mantle Card on Podcast Debut!

Brooklyn-born, St. Louis-based Bob Costas is one smooth operator. From seminal gigs anchoring Olympic coverage on NBC to his hosting chops at HBO, he's the consummate pro. But lurking behind his busy hustle is a well-rounded smart culture fan.

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Bob Weir: Dusty Wright Show 053

bob_weir.jpgRatDog and Dead Man Goes Swimming with Whales on Podcast!

From his hilltop perch in Mill Valley, Bob Weir contemplates the essence of his appeal and why swimming with dolphins might be cool, but whales are a different matter. That and Gratefully more.

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Noel Lee: Dusty Wright Show 052

noel_lee.jpgThe Head Monster Spreads the Subtle Sonics of Sound on Podcast!

Noel Lee, owner and tech guru of the SF-based company Monster Cable, shares his thoughts about the future of audio and video technology in these digitally delectable days.

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Del Bryant: Dusty Wright Show 051

del_bryant.jpgBMI Boss Shares His Family History on Podcast!

From his storied Nashville childhood with famous songwriting parents Boudleaux and Felice to hanging out with music legends like Roy Orbison and Jimmy Dickens, BMI boss Del Bryant continues to lead a colorful life.

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Russell Simmons: Dusty Wright Show 050

russell_simmons.jpgFashion and Entertainment Mogul Russell Simmons Podcast Sermon!

From his wildly successful Phat Farm, new bestselling book Do You!, serious yoga practice, and philanthropic endeavors, the Godfather of Rap, Russell Simmons, has always "spit the truth." After listening to Dusty's interview, it will be quite apparent.

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Miranda Lee Richards: Dusty Wright Show 049

miranda_lee.jpgBeguiling Miranda Lee Richards Charms On Podcast Debut.

For LA-based singer-songwriter Miranda Lee Richards making music is her main sustenance. After listening to this silky siren sing or talk about her divine poetry it becomes quite apparent.

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Nick Graham: Dusty Wright Show 048

nick_graham.jpgMarketing Guru Nick Graham Strips Down to His Skivvies on Podcast Debut!

San Francisco-based designer and marketing maven Nick Graham, founder and CUO (Chief Underpants Officer) of Joe Boxer created one of the most dynamic brands in retail. This former Canadian is as funny, brash and clever as the campaigns for Agent Provocateur to his latest venture nick(it).

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Emily Morse: Dusty Wright Show 047

emily_morse.jpgSexy Time With Hit Podcaster from Sex With Emily!

San Francisco-based podcaster Emily Morse has created one of the hit DIY shows on the Internet. She brings a fresh and intuitive homespun logic to her weekly podcast. She and Dusty discussed their preferred positions. 

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