throw.jpgThe bi-monthly works-in-progress series for movement-based artists called Throw gives performers an opportunity to interact with the audience in a unique way. Held at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg, the programs consist of three short segments. After each segment, the performers ask the audience questions. Sarah Maxfield, co-founder of Red Metal Mailbox, curates and moderates the series, which began in June of last year and has allowed numerous dancers a chance to gain insight from an audience. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the way people jump in” responding to the questions posed by performers. “Their opinions give fantastic feedback.” Getting that feedback is often a struggle for performers, a level of insight that can be unique to Throw. Maxfield is aiming to change habits and generate a response from not only other performers but general audience members as well. “There are other WIP sessions. They’re not artist-led, but audience-led, and that’s the main difference. Other WIP sessions are also attended largely by other dancers. With this series, I’m trying to make them more than just other choreographers, to hear from more than just their other peers. I’m trying to create a live mix with different backgrounds so the conversation is different. It’s a very insular scene right now, and we’re trying to change that.” The sixth night in this series included short works in progress by Donna Bouthillier and friends, Rebecca Davis, and Andrew Dinwiddie. The first segment had only three rehearsals before appearing at Throw, while the other two were at similar points. “Most of them are at this stage, some are even more finished. I worked really hard to use this as a work-in-progress,” Maxfield said. “Others often turn into another chance for a show.” She added that Throw serves as another step in the development of a performance and all previous pieces staged at Throw have moved on to completion. - Bob D'Aprile Throw returns to Galapagos Arts Space in August. bob_d.jpgMr. D'Aprile is a smart culture junkie who resides in Stamford, Ct. This is his first piece for Culture Catch.