Ghost Town Movie Tunes

Ghost-Town-coverI am very honored to have my song -- "I'm Still In Love (w/You)" -- in the new David Koepp directed romantic comedy Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear, and Tea Leoni.

You can buy that song, along with the B side, "Love Lets You See" -- a jaunty little garage nugget I wrote for the end credits. Though it didn't make the movie, it's still a tasty piece of pop-rock confection. Or perhaps you'd like to sample music from my four solo CDs as well as songs from my cello-driven folk-rock quartet GIANTfingers.

Check out my tunes at AmazoniTunes, CD Baby, et al., today!

Thanks, Dusty Wright

Good movie & music

I enjoyed the movie a lot, as well as your music. I'm thinking about getting the ghost town DVD as well as some of your music on iTunes. Keep up the good work.


While currently there are no plans on releasing an official soundtrack, I got iTunes to post both songs.

Thanks for reaching out.


iTunes - it's not there!

Hey Dusty,

Just wanted to let you know that the tune from Ghost Town is not on iTunes... at least I couldn't find it. Just wanted to let you know because I'd really like to get it, and can't order from that SNOCAP thing because I'm not from the US.