Killer B'z!

Back before I started writing, I managed this righteous hip-hop group from Newark. We should have been contenders, but things got wonky. And so it went.... A few weeks ago one of the Carroll brothers sent me this Youtube link to the first song -- "Killer B'z" (12" single) -- I produced for them on my label Krossover Records. Check out the inspired vocals by the legendary Fred Schneider of The B-52s. Hilarious. Enjoy, Dusty

The Nastee Boys

good song! i remember these rappers and they were great. i seen them perform many times all around philly, new york, brooklyn, harlem and newark and they had a good show. i do recall they got booed off the stage at club zanzibar back in the day. i think i was at mr. magic's birthday bash but he didn't even give them a chance to perform, but it was his party. it was fucked up people were saying he must have been on something i wouldn't be surprised. the place was packed with every famous rapper back then heavy d, salt & peppa, ll cool j, jazzy jeff and fresh prince, big daddy kane, rakim i do mean everybody. he obviously had something personal going on against them. i remember he snatched the mic from will smith and pushed him off stage while he was rapping to foully introduce the nastee boys. i also seen them turnout club sensations in newark one week later at a tri-state rap battle. they were really good. they won. until now that is the last i heard of them. my sister and her five friends were crazy about the nastee boys. i was just the chauffeur. but they did have some skills. lol....

I remeber them well!

Chuck Nastee!!!! Remember me?!!! You did me in the vocal booth at the Nastee Cave! ;)

Our Humble Beginnings

Whats up MUK, CHUCK and DUSTY?
it's VTP !! "Vince Tha Prince"

I say we put together a show and make a million dollars! LOL

Hey yall remember the Florida run with Rock D?

"Slick Rick ! Slick Rick!" LMAO !!
Oh the Memories !!

Get In Contact

Whats Up Chuck?
Yo This is Muk Hit Me Up And Let Me Know How You're Doing and What's
Going on With You. You Know I'm Still playing Music and Doing My Thing.
Let Me Know What Site to Go On To Get Some Of Our Old Music. I Don't Have Anything it Got Lost Over The Years and i Would Love To Hear some of the good music we all made together. Holla Back hope to hear from you soon.

Shadow aka Dj Muk

What-Up Muk?

Hey man, if you have a facebook account hit me up, you can find me as C. Edward Carroll-Burl. Request to be a friend so we can connect. We need to talk. Chuck -

The Nastee Boyz!!!

All I have to say is where are they now? I grew up in New Jersey and I now live in Georgia and I loved The Nastee Boyz! I am now 40 and I was and still am one of their biggest fans! I remember this group very well. They used to perform a lot at colleges and night clubs throughout the NYC area back in the day. I had a crush on El-Cid aka Charles Carroll. He was the light skinned tall one. He was always so serious about what he was doing. We met them back stage and was invited to chill with them in their hotel room. Oh what a night! My girlfriend loved DJ Shadow aka DJ Mukadeen and Vince The Prince had all the ladies in the palm of his hands. Their performances were always above the rest and their music was great! I just knew that they would have made it big they were all so talented and had such charisma. We used to play their christmas album in our dorm room all the time even when it wasn't Christmas. If you have any information on them, like their website info or anything I would love to buy some of their old music. Thanks, JW

RE: The Nastee Boyz!!! Where are they now.

This is Charles Carroll of The Nastee Boyz. I would first like to say that I am so honored that you still have an interest in our music and the band. It also seems that you know a lot about us and I will just say for all The Nastee Boyz that we are flattered to say the least and we treasure you. I do not have the time to go into too much detail about the band members and what we are doing these days but i will say that we are all working in the entertainment industry behind the scenes in one capacity or another. We, like you are all grown up now with families and are hard working fathers. I own a multimedia marketing, publishing and software development company. I have done a lot of worked for many famous recording artist and major corporations. You may also know that we published the first Hip Hop magazine which was The Hip Hop Hit List. My brother Vincent Carroll aka "Vince The Prince" is now the publisher of "The Hip Hop Business Journal". I have been writing a screen play based on the story of the band which I plan to start filming next year. Till then I do plan to launch a website dedicated to the band and its music. On it you will find a lot of history about the group, photographs and there will be CD's available for purchase. We have recorded quite a bit of music in the past and most of the tracks have been remastered over the years and will soon be released and available for purchase on the site when it is launched. Til then please keep us in your prayers and in your heart as we are Hip Hop's only true untold story. Also as you may know that there are many groups with the name Nastee Boyz so we will publish a different code name to locate us online so email me your info and we will get that out to ya. By the way Vince the Prince is the owner of VEGAS STYLE ENTERTAINMENT ( you can also catch a glimpse of him on FOXNEWS.COM check the homepage link.


This track was really hot in Miami Clubs and mostly throughout the south back in the day. I used to play it all the time. I think it could be considered one of the first bass records ever. The honeys used to drop it like its hot all day to this beat.

I love it! It takes me back

I love it! It takes me back to a time where Easy E was still alive and Kid and Play had jobs.

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