Obama Time!



It was historic. President Barack Obama took the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States. And regardless of your personal politics, it galvanized our nation and much of the free world. For many, it was the party of the decade, the century, and the dawning of a new age for our very young country. Over two million people descended on Washington, D.C. Scores of star-studded parties with musical guests performing in every musical genre. We say it was the dawning of a new era of smart culture. Thanks to the power of the Internet, something Team Obama has utilized so effectively, we streamed his event live. And if you were in D.C. on Tuesday night, we hope you enjoyed the festivities. Our friend Bob Weir was there with his reunited band the Grateful Dead, personally invited by President Obama to play the Mid-Atlantic Ball, one of the ten official inauguration balls. What a long strange trip, indeed! peace, Dusty Wright