LeAnn Rimes Brings The Proverbial House Down At Pride Fest!

Photo credit: Mark Weston

On Sunday, LeAnn Rimes proved once and for all that she has outgrown the child prodigy country music label that launched her career at age 14(!) with the release of the mega-hit record "Blue," making her the youngest artist ever to win a Grammy (she won two).

She was the headliner at Pride Fest in Greenwich Village in NYC and she demonstrated the voice and charisma which has made her a superstar, wowing the massive crowd with "Love Is Love Is Love" and her #1 Billboard Dance Club hit "Long Live Love" -- both off of her latest album Remnants. She capped things off with a remix version of her hit Top 10 single from 2000 "Can't Stop The Moonlight."

She was dressed in a stunning black lacy corset -- provocative and gorgeous -- complete with spike high heels that were the envy of every cross-dresser, transvestite and transsexual in the boisterous crowd.

In a country divided by polarization and hate, LeAnn's message of love and inclusion is welcome and even heroic. While other country (or formerly country) artists shy away from revealing their hearts, LeAnn is blazing her own trail, trumpeting her message of inclusion, and the LBGTQ community couldn't be happier or more supportive.

While she has had a career spanning twenty years, LeAnn is only 34-years old as she looks forward to new horizons in her chart-busting career. She still has the purest, truest singing voice in all of pop music, and she is an especially self-possessed and sexy performer.

It's worth noting that LeAnn has often (and rightly) been lauded as the heir to the legendary Patsy Cline, who died tragically at 30.

As her hit song says -- "Long Live Love!" and "Long Live Ms. LeAnn Rimes!!!"