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alison_thompsonNew York Director Shares Altruism on Podcast Debut

For filmmaker Alison Thompson, helping people in need is her prime directive. Her award-winning documentary The Third Wave, about post-tsunami aid to Sri Lanka, will touch your soul.

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My name is Alejandra, Im an

My name is Alejandra, Im an RN from California. I go to Latin America as a medical volunteer. I would love to join your group of volunteers. Please let me know if Ican help in any way.

Thank you,

Alison Thompson interview

Dusty great interview. Alison you're such an amazing, powerful, wonderful person. Thanks for being you and Keeping the Spirit Alive.

The Third Wave

Alison, I was extremely inspired by your film! Thank you for sharing your experience with this film-- It definetly touched me so I have already started planning a volunteer trip ! This was your film that made go out and do it!

The Third Wave

I too was touched and inspired by your experience. So much so, that I reinvented my website to be a place for people to share ideas on how to enhance the lives of others. Thank you Allison- Peter Guzzardo

The Third Wave and reallife

Allison, your movie has haunted me during the months since CC screened it - thank you for the inspiration and the reminder of what's really important in life.

Peter, I just checked out - great pieces there - I'll be revisiting often.


- Tom

Tell Others!!!

Go for it!!! You will have a blast and have the time of your life!!! Step out of fear and into the adventure.