Derek Trucks: Dusty Wright Show 071

derek-trucks-podcastThe Best Guitarist on The Planet Gets Real on Podcast

Award-winning guitarist and bandleader Derek Trucks discusses his music, family, life on the road, and his appreciation for the blues, Eric Clapton, and the Allman Brothers. Plus some tasty guitar playing!

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Derek Trucks

Great interview, great subject. If Derek Trucks don't move you, as a musician and as a human being, someone should check your pulse, you may be dead. As Duane might say, "That's one fine cat, man." I love him more every time I hear him talk! Thanks!


Enjoyed another wonderful concert 9/13/09 at the Belk Theater in Clt, NC. What a musical journey Derek took us on. Best of all, the young kids stormed the front of the venue and took over blocking the view of us old timers sitting on the front rows! It only gets better when Susan joins Derek on stage!


I love him even more, looking 4ward 2 12/10 @ NYU

Webcast is Forthcoming...

Derek is a real honest and sincere dude, no doubt. Wait until you see the webcast with additional videos and that guitar being worked over by his glass bottle slide! Should be posted in a few more weeks.

derek trucks

kudos to dusty wright!!! that was the most down to earth interview i've ever heard. derek trucks is not only the master of the guitar, he is also a true master of life. dusty, great job bringing out what's inside the "king of the jam". what a special moment that must have been sitting there with derek while he started doing that acoustic piece. i've always felt that if you give a guitar player an acoustic guitar, that's when you can really tell if the cat can play. derek's talent busted through in that brief interlude. you could also feel his great appreciation for that wonderful instrument. as a big fan, it was awesome to hear. hope the two of you can share more of what you gave us in the future!!!



Thanks for this interview. I enjoyed listening to it and gaining a little more sense of what kind of person Derek is... humble and intelligent. I wonder if anyone knows, did he ever attend college?

Derek's education

To my knowledge, Derek did not attend college. He was "home schooled" or perhaps better, "road schooled," to get his high school education. He was on the road from the time he was very young, like 13 or 14. That makes him even more incredible, to be so intelligent and wise at such a young age. He is a special human being.

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