G. Klovis Suskind: Dusty Wright Show 065

g-klovis-suskindEnigmatic Literary Genius Unveils Truths on Podcast

Few can predict how an ongoing 1,200 page novel will be received by literally-challenged readers. Moreover, few will find a more complex mind than G. Klovis Suskind

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Did G. Clovis used to be

Did G. Clovis used to be called Neik?

Dusty, you're a stud...

...a near-Bodhisattva. I'd have pissed in this tedious twats face and knocked him in his ass. You're a bigger man.


Did Andy write a book?

I was referring to Suskind's schtick...

which I thought you handled brilliantly.
Love the show.

Didn't Andy Kaufman do this

Didn't Andy Kaufman do this already?

His own biggest fan...

I think we should pack good ol' G. into a combine harvester and shoot him off to the year 2409 so he can enjoy a time when his work will be appreciated. That's assuming that they've cloned G. by then and we land him in a country populated only by his spawn.

Is this book as enjoyable as its author?

do you mind if I smoke?

Next time, put that Prick in his place!!! Literary genius? Really!!! Fucking Asshole? yup. nuff said.

This guy is a dick. Way to

This guy is a dick.

Way to stay cool Dusty!

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