Robert Adanto: Dusty Wright Show 066

robert-adantoWest Coast Filmmaker Explores Contemporary Chinese Art on Podcast.

LA-based film director Robert Adanto examines Chinese culture with his pivotal documentary The Rising Tide about their burgeoning art scene and key artists. (Powered by Bennett Media Studio.)

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The Rising Tide

now here's a truly insightful, thoughtful look at developments in the Chinese art scene set in context. I first began witnessing this part of the art world in the mid eighties, and never stopped looking or thinking. I couldn't be more happy to know that someone has gone and put a good perspective on it and strives to offer his way of looking at things to the world. Thank you, Robert Adanto!


The Rising Tide is an eye opening and visually stunning window into China's cultural evolution. The old and the new, the artists' voices and the director's vision, interweave to create within the film a message of its own. Truly a fascinating film!

Rising Tide

As a friend of Robert's I've watched this film in many stages of its development, and I'm very pleased to see it reach fruition.

What sets Rising Tide apart from many other documentaries and books about China is its humanities focus. China is presented here with life and verve, not as some mass of statistics or political science terminology. This can be a very jarring experience (especially when some of the more abstract art projects Adanto depicts are seen), but it is worthwhile. What is China's future? Even the most certain of Sinologists are very unsure. This film depicts that uncertainty vividly--and for that reason alone it is worth seeing.

PAM Loves the Rising Tide

Perpetual Art Machine loves the Rising Tide. One of the most important art documentaries to come out that takes on so much more than just art. I learned something that I didn't know before. Where do I buy it? Great Job Robert !!!

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