Shane McConkey: Dusty Wright Show 055

shane_mcconkeyGetting Extremely Airborne with Daredevil on Podcast!

From BASE jumping to extreme skiing Shane McConkey lives to push the limits on land and in the air. His latest gig finds him providing eye-popping moments in the new big mountain ski movie Steep.

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Shane McConkey

An inspirational interview with someone who lives a life with no limits but still knows his limitations. It's just awesome to hear about someone who dreams, believes, creates and succeeds. I downloaded the podcast, having never heard of him. Only to return and read the sad news. Condolences to his friends, fans, followers and family.

Shane Mcconkey

Hi I first saw Steep when Culture Catch presented it with the directors Mark Oberham last Fall in Soho. I had the opportunity to ski with Shane the previous summer. I learned from him the best way to pick out a ski line, how to test the snow, and how to ski that line safely. It was amazing to watch him ski. He was an incredibly smart guy who was meticulous in safety. He was a pioneer in what he did....skiing and ski base-jumping. He taught me that if you have talent, don't waste it; and if you have dreams, make them into reality.
Skiing has lost its icon.

R.I.P. High Flying Bird

My sincere condolences to his family and friends. He was an incredibly gracious interview; really solid dude.

According to the story in LA Times today by Kelly Burgess, he died yesterday in an accident while filming a movie in Italy. McConkey, 39, was performing a stunt in which he was to launch himself off of a cliff, then detach his skis and deploy a parachute.

Witnesses said McConkey was not able to get one of his skis off, which sent him spinning out of control and prevented him from deploying the chute. McConkey died on impact.

"He did a double backflip off the jump and he has these releasable bindings. But one ski did not come off. When that happens the drag on the skis causes you to flip over so the skis go over your head. He got into a bad spin and may have never even pulled his pilot chute," filmmaker and McConkey family friend Scott Gaffney told ESPN Action Sports during a telephone interview.

The Lake Tahoe-area resident is survived by his wife, Sherry, and their 3-year-old daughter.