For He Who Does Not Rock, We Salute You!

Me The People: The Trump America Musical
Triad Theater, NYC
June 24th through....

If you hate Trump like I hate Trump and you have the urge to smash your TV to smithereens every time you see his orange headed smirk, or hurl your phone into the river every time you read one of his tweets - DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! Go see Me The People instead!!!! Me The People is a laugh-out-loud-funny satirical revue at the Triad Theater on the Upper West Side and I guarantee it will turn your Trump loathing howls of presidential pain that have you hiding under the covers into Trump loathing howls of cathartic laughter that will have you rolling in the aisles. Four supremely talented cast members and one hard-working pianist skewer everything from shredding the Constitution (literally) to the Supremes to Russian Spies to Mar-a-Lago to Melania to Korea to Putin to chocolate cake to climate change to the prospect of post-impeachment president Mike Pence vowing to fix you if you're gay.

Highlights amidst the hilarity include Sigmund Freud diagnosing the Donald's mental state to the tune of -- you guessed it -- Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and an absolutely brilliant sketch portraying a day in the life of Jared and Ivanka.

But the best is saved for last as Hillary makes an appearance in a spectacularly inspired number wherein she gives the finger to everyone and gets the Triad crowd on its feet screaming "FUCK YOU, DONALD TRUMP!!!"

The show plans to run until Donald is impeached. And I'm tempted to say that I hope he isn't so the show can run forever (I'm tempted to say it but I don't really mean it).

My guess is that Me The People will become one of those hits that will be sold-out for a long time with ticket prices soaring into the stratosphere as scalpers make a fortune on the resell market. So don't wait until then. Go see it now. GO SEE IT NOW! And tell The Donald to go fuck himself!