Bert Jansch - The Dusty Wright Show

Scottish folk legend Bert Jansch, and founding member of Pentangle, shares some stories about his life in the music business with host Dusty Wright.

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Bert was a great hero of all guitarists. Sadly missed. God rest his soul.

Bert Jansch

This was a fantastic show, Dusty! Great interview, and the Underground was a very effective setting. I really like how you let your guests actually TALK! But PLEASE, put on some SOCKS- very distracting! One serious note for you: If this video were seen out of the context of your website, without a title, you'd have people who wouldn't know who the heck your guest is, me included- I'd never seen a picture of him before! At the top, and again at the end, "I'm Dusty Wright with Bert Jansch", or "This is Dusty Wright, with Bert Jansch", would be more effective than, "Dusty Wright... Bert." Right? Thanks for asking about Nick Drake- I was sorry he didn't bite on that- maybe he never knew him. ?? Anyway, this was great- keep it up!

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