David Lynch - The Dusty Wright Show

Auteur David Lynch has challenged his fans as a director, musician, painter, and TM advocate. Watch this compelling interview with from 2007. This is Dusty's first interview with David; click here to watch their second webcast conversation taped in 2012. Music by composer Bulat Gafarov.

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David Lynch is my favorite

David Lynch is my favorite auteur, i enjoy all his movie, i will watch the new one as soon as possible!


Film maker David Lynch talks about film, creativity, meditation and consciousness in this Maharishi University video. From a question-and-answer session at The Majestic Theater, Emerson College, Boston. (September 2005)

That's beautiful!

That's beautiful!

Strange Fruit

Having had the good fortune to see David introduce a midnight screening of Inland Empire while in Seattle on business in January (I sure could have used some of that coffee of his they were selling in the lobby by the end of the movie, midnight in Seattle is 2 a.m. in Nashville) I was entranced by this interview. Dusty may be the perfect person to chat on camera with David, they are obviously kindred spirits and one gets the feeling if the interview had gone on much longer they would have been finishing each others' sentences, if not communicating by telepathy entirely.

The choice of background music for the interview is also spot on, weaving around the conversation but never intruding into it. And for a studio interview, the camera work is also quite well done, the way the pinks and reds in David's face are picked out when the camera shoots from his right vs the more contrasty look of the full face shots, just for example.

If Culture Catch did nothing else, this bit of work would justify their existence. And of course, there's lots more where this came from.

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