Glenn Tilbrook (of Squeeze) - The Dusty Wright Show

Former Squeeze co-founder Glenn Tilbrook waxes poetic about songwriting and his music.

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Great interview with Glenn Tilbrook!

Hi Dusty,

Loved your interview with my favorite musical artist, Glenn Tilbrook! I've been a fan of Glenn's since the early 80's and have been fortunate enough to catch him performing live in any one of his many musical guises - Squeeze; Difford and Tilbrook; Squeeze with Chris; Squeeze without Chris; acoustically solo; founder and leader of the Fluffers; and now back with Squeeze and Chris (on happy personal terms). He is truly a resilient man and gifted artist, and your interview brings out his best qualities - engaging, upbeat, humble and always ready to play a song for anyone, anytime, any place (especially in his own private dressing room)! Having watched dozens of interviews with Glenn over the years, your questions were both informative for those who are not up to date on the Glenn/Squeeze saga, as well as new and original, e.g. "What do you read?", so kudos to you as both a skilled, knowledgable and relaxing interviewer (Speaking of movies about bands, couldn't help but think of "The Commitments" - "Who are your influences?" - when you asked Glenn who he reads. Never heard that one and enjoyed hearing his answer!) This is one of the best interviews with Glenn I've heard or seen.

(One comment, based on your natural ease with your interviewee - could use wireless mikes instead of a handheld? I found it a bit distracting to see the mike bouncing back and forth between you and Glenn. Just a thought.)

Nevertheless, thanks for posting a chat well-done and looking forward to seeing Glenn again on your site when he next appears on our American shores (which is more likely to be sooner than later)!


Glenn Redux

Thanks very much for taking the time to watch the interview and for your very gracious comments.

The microphone issue is one that we go back and forth on. We use it as a device to give us an "old school" vibe. Sometimes we both hold stick mics.

I like using old mics, new ones, gray ones, wireless, too.

We hope to host a private Music Salon with Glenn in NYC next time through, so stay tuned.




Hi Dusty,

Thanks for the great interview with my musical hero; I love Tilbrook and Squeeze. Amazing that he had the focus on mind to give the interview, play a few tunes and then go out and do a full concert. Was there at Radio City and so happy that he and Chris can still draw such a big crowd. It was a great concert, better actually than last year at the Beacon.... still with such a big songbook, I missed hearing some of their later great hits....

Thanks again for the interview.


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