Henry Rollins - The Dusty Wright Show

Punk rock stud and spoken word guru Henry Rollins waxes poetic with host Dusty Wright. This is part one of the interview. Click here for Part 2 of the interview.

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Black Flag

Black Flag had an energy, intensity and social relevance that connects with millions of people around the world. With no major newspapers or the major labels, no chart hits and unsold, Black Flag united people in a way that transcends borders and language. The cry of the rebellious Henry was a big part of that sound. It was a mouthpiece for the disenfranchised, it still is. If Black Flag is a shit then do not want your idea of "good" friend. The power, adrenalin and the spirit is shit? Enjoy your music boring.

From what I see the warrior

From what I see the warrior is still on the road... Thankfully he can still bring it. Wimps should stay home.


thanks for all the cool shit... that is all.

Hey man go f*ck you. Henry

Hey man go f*ck you. Henry Rollins is the Godfather of 3 generations.

god damn henry rollins is

god damn henry rollins is used up. his stuff is so regurgitated and boring as hell now. how many more times are we supposed to listen to some overly broken down, cheesy description of a moment in everyone's life. and how many different times can he say "intense" and purposefully use 1950's cartoon character type words like "golly" because it sounds different ? i know it is his schtic (or how its spelled) but damn man, i dont even want to listen or watch anymore. its the same thing over and over and over and over. I ALWAYS LOVED YA MAN, BUT HANG IT UP. THE GOOD OLE' DAYS ARE GONE. spoken word got old, music got radio gay, tv show is sooooo politically left wing predictable. and please, please, stop interviewing these retarded "oh i am so cool to know who these people are" types. its just boring . you became a music snob who "only listens to vinyl" ha ha one of those assholes. NOT POSH HIP AND COOL. WHERE DID OUR ROAD WARRIOR GO???


maybe , its called maturation idiot, maybe u should grow up yourself, when the messae is correct, it does not get old.....it needs to be repeated, for numbnuts like yourself, who easily forget..........and are doomed to repeat the same foolish mistakes, that have you griping right now...............so do the world a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP.........

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