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SUV: The Musical!

SUVWhen the press release describes the plot of a musical as “boy-meets-girl, boy-designs-really-big-car-for-girl, girl-leaves-boy-for-environmental-activist, boy-is-sentenced-to-death-for-crimes-against-humanity,” you know you’re in for a wild ride. This farce is bursting at the seams with the giddy anarchy of the Marx Brothers, the pop culture references of the Simpsons – and the anti-big-auto fervor of Ralph Nader.

This product of a team dubbed Neo-Shtick Theater comes together under director Eric Oleson, producer Gersh Kuntzman (also responsible for the book, and with the stage role of Judge Green), songwriter and music director Marc Dinkin, and choreographer Katie Workum. This is Neo-Shtick Theater’s second appearance at the Fringe Festival, New York City’s annual summer indie arts extravaganza. Read more »

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